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The Smiley Face Bomber

Lucas_helder_1If someone is willing to make 'the ultimate sacrifice' for their cause, no amount of security will stop them. Until mindreading machines are perfected and we can peek inside to see the motivations of others, we're all at risk.

Lucas Helder threw his life away. Perhaps he figured that infamy was an honest trade for a life? His goal was unique but I think he was tardy in action on his plans. Before September 11th, Helder would have been the 'story of the summer' with his own motley crew of copycats. In the 21st century however, his plan hardly made a blip. Well, he was Time Magazine's 'Person of the Week'.

Of course, what serial crime campaign could be complete without its own manifesto?

By now you must be saying to yourself, "What's wrong with this guy? He must be ill. I mean, this is really really weird!" The judge agrees with you.

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